What type of partition is best for you? Do you require more privacy?

Partitions are a versatile part of any office and can be used to add privacy, create a mood or theme and be used to optimise the space and layout in your office.

We can construct walls in varying sized partitions using many materials including plasterboard, glass and veneer panelling to create a style unique to you. We can install, remove or reconfigure your old wall office partitions, glass walls or glass partitions, as well as install suspended ceilings and tiled office ceilings.

Using glazed partitions creates a modern, spacious office design that maximises on natural light. Window blinds or glass films can be installed to create privacy when required.

We supply and install glass office partitions, clear or frosted.

Partitions come in all forms of shapes, sizes and materials. Examples include:

  • Plasterboard and Glass
  • Plasterboard Walls
  • Framed Glass Partition
  • Frameless Glass Doors
  • Plasterboard Wall with Timber Door and Glass Sidelite
  • Framed Glass Doors
  • Glass or Fabric Screens

Think about your employees and what they need. Do they need a quiet work area? Privacy? Interaction with other staff?

The higher the partition, the more privacy there will be. On the other hand, the lower the partition, the more open plan your office will be.

We provide practical and flexible design solutions and we ensure that all solutions mach your brand and your needs.

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