An intercom is a stand-alone voice communications system commonly used in apartment buildings or office complexes and on a smaller scale used in homes.

Intercom systems provide communication from an entry point, or doorstation, to an internal handset. Externally they can be used to screen prospective visitors from outside a point of entry and internally they can be used to ease communications between rooms or offices. They can also double as public announcement systems.

Phone Entry Intercoms

Connecting directly to the phone lines in a building, these systems allow residents to be called via their phone line. Phone entry systems can be configured to call internal PBX phones, or dial externally to allow intercoms to be answered remotely via standard phone lines or GSM mobiles.

IP and VoIP Connectivity

Using a local area network (LAN), internet protocol (IP) intercom systems distribute audio and video signals throughout an apartment building or office providing flexibility and options. IP systems can be integrated with VoIP systems and digital PABX systems, extension trunking over the Internet and intercom call logging/reporting.

Emergency Help Monitoring

Your system can be designed to include emergency help points, information lines and after hour access points. These Emergency help points can be configured to call dedicated operators, or after hours contacts depending on your particular needs.

Total Managed Solutions will design, install and program the correct and most effective intercom system to meet your needs. This may include a Video facility as well as Audio within the intercom to provide confidence for the user that they know who they are conversing with adding that additional layer of security.

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