Alarm System


When it comes to your business, having the right security system in place is essential..

Security alarm systems are designed to detect unauthorised entry into a building, premises or selected area and not only offer valuable protection for your personal and business assets, but can also give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Different businesses have different security requirements. From commercial office complexes to health care institutions, retail outlets to industrial office environments and everything in between, it's important to find the business security system that's right for you.

When considering which security solution is right for your needs, it is important to think about the way in which you want to deal with potential security threats should they arise.

While simply having an alarm system on your business premises can be a significant deterrent for would-be thieves, you obviously need to have a system in place to deal with alarms and intruders.

A self-monitoring system can notify you via SMS message when someone deactivates your alarm or when the alarm goes off while, with a monitored alarm system, a Security Patrol team is available 24/7 to be dispatched to evaluate any potential situations and deal with any intruders they might find.

At Total Managed Solutions, we know that finding the right partner to design, implement and maintain your security system is crucial. Not only can we identify the best alarms for the job, but our range of business security services extends from the most basic of installations to complex multi-site systems that are capable of running a wide variety of applications.

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